Interview with Tyler Tichelaar of Reader Views, April 18, 2008

THE MENTAL ENVIRONMENT: (Mostly about Mind Pollution) Bob Gebelein graduated from Harvard in 1956 with a BA in Mathematics. In 1955, he saw the threat of nuclear annihilation as proof of total systems failure, so he turned his back on the culture and set out to design a new civilization. Through psychotherapy, withdrawal from the culture, and dream analysis, he succeeded. In 1967, he discovered how “human nature” itself can be changed to create a new civilization. In 1985, he

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Interview with Bob Gebelein – Rhine Research Center’s Psi News Magazine

We’d like to spotlight Bob Gebelein in this issue of the Rhine Research Center’s Psi News Magazine. Bob is one of two central volunteers who moved here from the Northeast in order to be more involved with the Rhine Research Center. As Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D., our Executive Director, says, he began by helping out with organizing books in the library, but he has very quickly earned a significant role in our day-to-day operations by becoming the Journal of Parapsychology

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From a 2012 Interview in It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Bob released one of the top notch loner folk LP’s back in 1974 as a private release. Today he is well known writer. We spoke about his music career as well as his career of a writer. Bob! First I would like to ask you where did you grew up and what were some of your influences? I grew up in Taunton, Massachusetts, where my father was a factory owner and later a bank president. We were “rich people” by

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